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Jul 30, 2021

Dried Long Fiber Machine
EFB (Empty Fruit Bunches) is the by-products from crude palm oil mill, or wasted coconut husk, to extract long EFB fibre from EFB has more economic value that could be used as fibre mattress, as well as green EFB papers. Short fiber residues can be used to make EFB pellets as green energy.

The whole process includes:
  •  Coconut or palm EFB fiber extracting
  •   Long Fiber screening
  •   EFB Long fiber Drying
  •   Dried EFB Fiber Baling.

Due to high profit incoming, we are seeing that many crude oil mills and companies investing in these process, to turm coconut husk or palm EFB into Long Fiber.
>.Commercial application of dried long fiber(DLF):
  •  Mattress. 
  •  Eco-Mat. Prevent soil erosion, and provide slowly moisture and nutrients
  •  Green Paper
  •  Rope and other crafts
>. EFB input required to produce Dried Long Fiber
  •  Oil Content less than 1%
  •  Moisture level less than 45%
  •  EFB in Non-shredded condition
  •  Sustainable supplying
>. Features of EFB Long Fibre Making Machine
  •  Durable blades made from alloy tool steel. One set of blades has long working life as 4800 hours (8 months if 20 working hours per day). Low spare parts cost.
  •  Electric control panel: can be customized according to users' power supplying standards. 380V/415V/440, 50HZ or 60HZ
  •  Diesel type engined long fiber extractor also available. To suit for your special production demands. 
  •  Fiber Extraction Ratio: 3-4 MT EFB : 1 MT DLF(Dried long fiber)
  • Output Palm EFB Long Fiber Length: 80-250mm
  • Rotor dynamic balanced, works stable.
We keep improving our technology and design of EFB Long Fibre Making Machine to maximize the fibre length and quality.

>.Technical Data for EFB long fiber machine:

Model YF1500KS2 YF2000KS4 YF2500KS5
Motor 55kw/1300rpm 110kw/1200rpm 185kw/1200rpm
Capacity(t/h) 1-2mt of EFB 3-8mt of EFB 4-10mt of EFB
Feeding inlet size(mm) 600*550 800*650 950*700
Machine weight(kgs) 2800 4800 5800
Outpur fiber length 80-250mm 80-250mm 80-250mm
>. Guarantee and After-sale Service
* One year guarantee
* 24 hours technical support by e-mail
* Calling or door-to-door service

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