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Jul 30, 2021
I.  Introduction: 
A Coir Fiber Extractor Plant, is made of coconut husk feeding machine, Coir Fiber Extractor with screen, a separate Coir Fiber Screen, Dryer (Depending on the production scale), and Fiber Baler.
Coir Fiber Extractor 185KW                                 Rejected Fiber Discharging Belts
 Coconut Husk Input required:
-  In Non-Shredded condition
-  Sustainable supplying 


Fiber Extraction ratio:   

3.5 - 4 MT Coconut Husk  :  1 MT Long Coir Fiber(wet basis)

Fiber Length:     80-250mm

Coconut Husk                         Coir Long Fiber                         Coco peat

II.  Process Flow and Equipment needed

.  Coir Fiber Extractor
A Coir Fiber Extractor is the key machine in Coir Fiber Plant, it has 3 groups of blades, inner screen, and discharge belt conveyor to deliver rejected coco peat out.

Technical Data: 


Power Capacity(T/H) Input Window Weight(kgs)
YF1500KS2 55KW 1-2T(input) 600*550mm 2800
YF2000KS4 110KW 3-8T(input) 800*650mm 4800
YF2500KS5 185KW 4-10T(input) 950*700mm 5800
Ⅳ. Application: 
  •    Yarns used for weaving geo-textiles, floor mats and matting
  •    Curled ropes used in mattresses and couches
  •    Brushes
  •    Coir logs used to prevent soil erosion
  •    Needle felt used in rubberized coir mattresses, et.
  •    Coir peat Block

Ⅴ.  Case Video

Big coconut coir fiber extraction machine.

Ⅵ. Delivery & Project

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